Makes everything SAFE, EASY and FAST for Health Institutions, Doctors and Patients.

Clapp is an ERP software for health institutions, Medical Labs and Private Practices on the cloud, specifically developed to meet all current needs and requirements made by the Health Ministry of Colombia.


Clapp allows a doctor to have secure access to the platform from any device with Internet connection.



Cloud platform, available 24/7.

Safe access to the platform, according to your doctors or employees user profiles.

Software solution that helps you organize your appointments, manage your health institution and improve your billing process all in one tool.


Zero maintenance and upgrade cost, we guarantee you will always have the latest version.


Send the results and diagnoses to your patients via e‐mail, saving time for their treatment and lives.


Full Access from any device with internet connection while you are not on your practice, or while traveling.

Save time and management costs, Clapp makes everything easier and faster for your Practice.


With more than 10 years of experience developing integral technology solutions for different markets, we improve the productivity and the efficiency of your business processes.

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Storage of your patient’s clinical records

Medical treatments and procedures

Appointments management for your institution’s doctors

Doctors and institutions register

Send results via e‐mail

Automatically create RIPS and other reports for the Health Ministry

Results, diagnoses and treatments

Customizable billing

Statistics and custom reports for your practice

Pharmacy service administration

Management of rates and prizes

Management of emergencies and hospitalization

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